Colorkrew Biz Terms of Use

Chapter 1: General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as these “Terms”) set forth the terms between Colorkrew Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Colorkrew”) and you (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) regarding the User’s use of “Colorkrew Biz”, a business concierge tool service provided by Colorkrew (as defined below as the “Service”).

Article 2 (Definitions)

Article 3 (Scope of Application)

Article 4 (Notification)

Article 5 (Amendment)

Colorkrew may amend these Terms from time to time without obtaining the consent of the User. In such event, Colorkrew shall post, on the Service Site or Website: (1) the planned effective date of such amended Terms (hereinafter the “Planned Effective Date”); and (2) such amended Terms. For the sake of clarification, such posting shall take place prior to the Planned Effective Date, and such amended Terms shall take effect as of the Planned Effective Date.

Chapter 2: Registration and Other Matters

Article 6 (Registration; Third Party Subcontractors)

Article 7 (Change Notification)

The User shall notify Colorkrew promptly in the event that there is a change in any User Application Information. In the event that such notification is made, Colorkrew may request the User to submit documents that certify those matters referred to in such notification, which Colorkrew determines to be required.

Article 8 (Suspension of Service)

Article 9 (Periods for Trial Plan, Paid Plan, Free Plan)

Article 10 (Cancellation by User)

Article 11 (Cancellation by Colorkrew)

Article 12 (Discontinuance of the Service)

Article 13 (Measures upon Service End)

Chapter 3: Service

Article 14 (Type and Content of this Service)

Chapter 4: Usage Charge

Article 15 (Fee and Payment)

Chapter 5: User Obligations, etc.

Article 16 (Principles of Self-Responsibility)

Article 17 (User's Representations and Warranties)

Article 18 (Utilization of Data Regarding Service Use)

The User hereby acknowledges that, for the purpose of any of Colorkrew's marketing activities, Colorkrew may use any data accumulated in the Service Site, such as QR codes provided by the User to its Employees using the Service, User’s Service usage history, or User’s Service usage frequency, etc. With respect to the use of such marketing activities, Colorkrew shall comply with Article 25 (Handling of Personal Information) and take measures in respect of the handling of Personal Information, such as avoiding the identification of individuals.

Article 19 (Management of Administration IDs and Employee IDs)

Article 20 (Use of Cookies)

Colorkrew may use Cookies in order to provide this Service. The User hereby consents to the use of Cookies in the devices or equipment or facilities of the User and/or its Employee.

Article 21 (Prohibited Acts)

Chapter 6: Colorkrew Obligations, etc.

Article 22 (Duty of Care)

Colorkrew shall provide the Service with under a duty of care during the term of use of the Service under these Terms.

Article 23 (Issues regarding the Service Facility, etc.)

Chapter 7: Handling of Confidential Information

Article 24 (Handling of Confidential Information)

Article 25 (Handling of Personal Information)

Chapter 8: Compensation for Damages, etc.

Article 26 (Damages Liability)

Article 27 (Disclaimer)

Chapter 9: Miscellaneous

Article 28 (No Assignment)

The User may not, either directly or indirectly, either in whole or in part, assign or delegate, or otherwise put up as security or collateral, any of its rights, obligations, or claims, pursuant to these Terms, to a third party, without the prior written consent of Colorkrew.

Article 29 (Trademark)

Trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively referred to as “Trademarks”) displayed on the Service Site are registered Trademarks or Trademarks owned by Colorkrew. Colorkrew does not grant any license to the User or any other third party, with respect to any such Trademark owed by Colorkrew.

Article 30 (Intellectual Property Rights, etc.)

Article 31 (Governing Law)

The establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan, without regard to any conflict of laws principles.

Article 32 (Consultation and Court of Jurisdiction)

Supplementary provisions

<Service list>

Service plans * For countries other than EEA (European Economic Area)

Plan Name QR Codes < Standard Features >
Cashless Payment
Assets / Attendance
Reward Points
< Premium Features >
Graphic Function (Note 4) / Scheduler
Monthly usage fee
Trial Plan Unlimited
(Note 1)
Yes Yes Free for 30 days
(Note 2)
Premium Plan 2 Unlimited
(Note 1)
Yes Yes $ 4.99
per User registration
(Note 3)
Premium Plan 1 Unlimited
(Note 1)
Yes Yes*Only one of graphics function or scheduler $ 3.99
per User registration
(Note 3)
Standard Plan Unlimited
(Note 1)
Yes No $ 1.99
per User registration
(Note 3)
Free Plan Up to 3 Yes No Free

* Please contact Colorkrew if you want a paid plan. The payment method will be credit card or invoice.